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For the Love of Brew...

The story of BATCH Slapped Brewery/Cidery

Our story began with a son-in-law and his passion for brewing beer and a father-in-law and his passion for crafting hard cider.

Brian bought Jordan his first real brewing system, several years ago and they started crafting the beers and hard ciders every week since then and having the best of times doing it. So much fun that Riley, Brian’s son, wanted to come learn how to brew beer, so Jordan took him under his wing and showed him everything he knows.

Now the three of them show up once or twice a week to brew different batches of beer and hard cider… and so the adventure began.

Our Vision

Imagine a place where you can take that special someone or your favorite group of friends to just sit and enjoy each other’s company. A place where you won’t have to yell over loud music or feel that you are competing with sports on a TV hanging on the wall. You can just sit enjoying each other’s company, fully engaged in conversation… all while enjoying a craft beer, craft cider, cider ale, or a glass of wine and sharing a gourmet antipasto tray. The perfect recipe for wonderful night out!

Brian, Jordan, and Riley soon realized that one-of-a-kind batches of crafted beer, hard cider, cider ales, and a unique atmosphere to enjoy with great company, would provide the perfect combination, and bring a uniqueness to set their brewery/cidery apart. This is the concept of BATCH Slapped Brewery/Cidery.

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